Welcome to North East Basements


We are basement conversion experts based in North East England. We are able to offer a complete basement waterproofing solution, to help you achieve an amazing transformation of your dark, damp below ground space.

We can provide a quotation and specification, providing you with all the options available to you. Our highly skilled technicians can then carry out your waterproofing works. We have carried out some stunning transformations to hundreds of properties in the North East, from mid terrace 2 bed houses and basement flats, to the Gosforth Marriott Hotel, The Albert Pub (Former Vestry, Sunderland), The Green Dragon Museum (Teesside), Marco Polos (Newcastle), Gershwins (Newcastle), The Washington Arts Centre, and Bell’s Chip Shop (Durham City) just to name a few.

Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your basement needs.

North East Basements is a division of Marsden Damp Services Ltd. Click visit their webpage at www.northeastdamp.co.uk

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